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Detectoare radar BELTRONICS

 Detector Radar Beltronics STI R PLUS

detector radar Beltronics Bel STi R PLUS

Detector Radar Beltronics STi r plus Detector Radar Beltronics STi r plus Detector Radar Beltronics STi r plus

Pret: 5499 ron SRL- Comanda Beltronics STi R PLUS acum !

[ download manual Beltronics STi r plus]

The BELTRONICS STiR Plus este un Sistem Stealth cu montaj in bara de mare performanta - Cea ma mare raza de acoperire dintre modelele Beltronics de bara - VARF DE GAMA.
Functii :

Detectie FULL Band
• New Ka-Band Selective Programming. Superwide Ka-band can now be turned off, allowing each segment within the Ka-band to be turned on & off individually. This allows far greater performance and range against the Ka-based threats as scanning time is not being wasted on searching other frequencies. If you do not know what frequency is used in your state, a convenient tech. mode is able to display what frequency the police are using on this band in your state. After you know this you can turn off the other frequencies for longer detection range.
• New Exclusive TotalShield™ Technology - Our new TotalShield Technology makes the STiR Plus completely invisible against any type of radar detector detector. Not only will it keep you unseen by all current radar detector detectors, (RDDs), it's designed to be completely undetectable by any future threats as well.
• Digital Signal Processing (DSP) - Our patented AutoScan™ feature continuously analyzes all incoming signals and automatically rejects unwanted false alarms. This gives you the perfect balance of long-range warning without annoying false alarms.
• Next Generation of Laser Protection - Multiple laser sensors, strategically positioned in the case, continually search for laser gun signals. Maximum range, including superior off-axis protection, is standard.
• Easy-To-Use Options and Controls - The STiR Plus is simple to use and operate. Preset at the factory, it's optimized for your travels in Romania.
• Clear Digital Voice Alerts - The STiR Plus' easy to understand digital voice alerts keep you informed without taking your eyes off the road.
• High Definition Text Display - Using the brightest text display possible, it is easy to read from any angle. Choose from 3 different meter display modes.
• City Mode Filtering - Choose from two levels of City mode filters, including City Standard and City NoX for quiet operation in and around town.
• Brightness Control with Full Dark Mode - The STiR Plus has four levels of brightness, including an "auto" mode which automatically changes the brightness based on the ambient light in the vehicle.
• Mute and AutoMute - The STiR Plus comes with BELTRONICS' Auto-Mute feature, which automatically reduces the volume level during an alert. Or, simply press the Mute button on the controller detector during an alert to instantly quiet the audio.

Prezentare Beltronics STi r plus (Review Beltronics STi r plus ):

Beltronics STi r plus este modelul de top, recomandat celor care doresc un detector radar cu MONTAJ IN BARA cu performante bune la un pret adecvat. Putine alarme false datorita functiei de selectie/deselectie a benzilor radar, distanta mare de avertizare. Avantaj pentur cei care calatoresc in tarile inc are detectoarele sunt interzise datorita montajului in bara. Pret peste medie, constructie solida, made in Canada. Un prieten de nadejde :)

Specificatii tehnice detector radar Beltronics STR PLUS :

Benzi operare
X-band: 10.525 GHz ± 25 MHz
K-band: 24.150 GHz ± 100 MHz
Ka-band: 34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHz
Laser: 904nm, ±33nm

Receptor Radar
Dual-Horn Antenna Casting
Superheterodyne, dual LNA's
Scanning Frequency Discriminator
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Detectie Laser
Quantum Limited Video Receiver

Tip Display
280 LED Alphanumeric
Bar Graph, ThreatDisplay™ or Tech Display™
Automatic, plus 4 levels of fixed brightness including full Dark

Cerinte alimentare
12VDC, Negative Ground

Speed Check
Voice Alerts

Controlul Senzitivatii
AutoScan™, Highway and AutoNoX
City and City NoX

Alte Tehnologii Patentate
TotalShield™ Technology

Dimensiuni (W x D x H inchi)
Display: 1.950 x 0.666 x .0.627
Control: 1.950 x 0.425 x .0.650
Radar/Laser Receiver: 3.70 x 5.40 x 1.05
GPS: 1.952 x 2.699 x 2.940
Interface: 2.850 x 0.810 x 2.940
Speaker: 2.250 x 2.116 x 2.250

Specificatiile se pot modifica fara o notificare in prealabil. Aveti intrebari ? Doriti mai multe informatii ? Va rugam sunati la (+4 0)722.12.94.16 intre 09-18 de Luni - Vineri.